Why Portugal?

Portugal is one of the destinations preferred by Europeans when they think about marrying outside their country and Portugal has been the great trend of the last years!

Find out what makes Portugal the favorite destination for European couples:

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The Weather and the Sea

With 943 km of coastline and 2799 hours of sunshine per year, Portugal is the ideal country for sunbathing and is the European country with the most sunshine during the year!

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Sympathy and Hospitality

The Portuguese are considered the most friendly people in the world, because we know and love to receive visitors.

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The charm of Lisbon

The hills and their electric, the cultural heritage of the city, the sun and the colors, all fascinate in the city of Lisbon.

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The Serra de Sintra

Pink, gold and gray facades, tiles with Moorish influences, carefully sculpted stone columns, reminiscent of a coral reef, and a stone-faced newt to welcome visitors into the garden, this is how Sintra describes itself.

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The tasty Gastronomy

The Pastel de Nata, Fish and Fruits in abundance, Porto Wine and Olive Oil are just some of the examples of Portuguese Gastronomy recognized in the four corners of the world!

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Nature and Golf

With several prestigious international prizes, what best defines our golf courses is its unquestionable quality and beautiful landscape, often deployed in preserved areas and with the sea as a backdrop.

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